Property Development

Aruma River Resort

During the latter stages of Mark’s career, he along with Simon Goodwin and the Hurley Group purchased the Sab-Aruma, the former holiday park for South Australian Brewing Company (SABC) employees, with the intention to turn it into a holiday resort. An owner of a site himself, Mark believes in five years’ time Aruma River Resort will be one of the most sought after holiday venues in South Australia.

“I like Aruma because of its uniqueness, the only people that know about it employees of the SABC. Aside from having the best water-skiing facilities on your door step, you’ve got access to other recreational facilities like a swimming pool, tennis courts, a playground and walking trails. Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, do yourself a favour and jump in the car, and head up for a look, you won’t be disappointed.”

To find out more about Aruma River Resort, or to book a stay, visit the website.